Gatwick celebrates yet more success!

With Gatwick Airport heading into their 36th consecutive month of continuous growth, it’s no wonder that their success has yet again made the headlines. You may remember back in 2009 when the airport went private. Since then, not only have they achieved record-breaking growth and connectivity, it’s now also the World’s busiest single runway airport. It would seem like congratulations are in order!

This year, Gatwick is planning to add 20 brand new long-haul routes to four new continents, even though the airport currently flies to more destinations than any other airport in the UK. It looks as if Gatwick is hoping for more and more success as the years go on. With a new renovation planned for their rail service, they are even looking to improve the way their passengers travel.

The expansion is of course on a lot of people’s minds and in the latest poll, Gatwick has been pushed 12 points ahead of Heathrow. With many unhappy with the thought of this, it could cause a rift between Gatwick and it’s passengers, but the airport assures everyone it is what’s best. We look forward to seeing Gatwick’s continuing progress.

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