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2017 Terminal Changes at Gatwick

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Page last updated: 17th Jan 2017 - 11:53 AM

Do you know if you'll be affected by the terminal switches of three major airlines serving Gatwick?

British Airways, Virgin and easyJet are switching up their operating terminals from January 24th 2017, so make sure you're not caught out!

Changes to expect.

From January 24th, all easyJet flights will operate from the North Terminal

From January 25th, all BA flights will operate from the South Terminal and Virgin from the North Terminal.

Some things to consider
If you are travelling after the 24th January with any of the above airlines, please ensure you have checked your flight information for the correct departing terminal. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of staff on hand to assist you, as well as handy signage to minimise confusion.

Flying out before the 24th and returning afterwards
Again, just make sure you are aware if your flight / airline is effected by the changes. That said, you should also take this into consideration when booking your parking! Don't worry too much though as you can always use the free shuttle service between the two terminals if your parking is already booked.

These changes are all part of a £2.5 billion project to improve the airport for the rising number of passengers passing through Gatwick. The airport are working hard to ensure the changes don't disrupt the passenger experience, but if you do have any questions, contact your airline or Gatwick directly.

Stay up to date with all of Gatwick's news and milestones over on Gatwick Tweets and follow us on Facebook for all UK airport news!

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A record 2016 for Gatwick Airport

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Page last updated: 6th Jan 2017 - 12:01 PM

Gatwick Airport has successfully hit record passenger numbers in 2016 thanks to a huge increase in demand for European and long haul flights. As Britain’s second biggest airport, the London based facility saw 43 million people pass through its doors in 2016. December alone contributed 3.1 million to that number, which is a huge 15% increase of the December figures from 2015.

After seeing a narrow defeat to Heathrow Airport in the race for a 3rd runway, Gatwick Airport has seen a 26.8% rise in passenger numbers compared to the previous year. This is amplified by cargo levels also on the rise, growing 13.3% on 2015 figures. (Recorded in tonnes)

"Gatwick's booming long-haul services and increased cargo volumes illustrate the vital contribution the airport continues to make to the local and national economy, as we continue to offer the UK Government a credible and deliverable option for runway expansion," said group chief executive Stewart Wingate.

Passenger numbers to to North Atlantic destinations have grown by 43% compared to the previous year, with Toronto being a stand out location with the largest increase seeing 191,124 more passengers travelling along the route compared to that of 2015. Only New York and Milan have seen a higher increase with flyer numbers rocketing 123% and 99% respectively compared to the previous year.

Gatwick’s increase in demand for Canadian destinations has been partly credited to Prince Harry’s flights to Toronto to see his current girlfriend. Meanwhile across the other side of the world, flights to Belfast are believed to be on the up due to the “Game of Thrones effect” which is where the popular TV series is filmed.

The airport predicts that 2017 will see an increase in flight numbers to long haul destinations such as Barbados, Dubai, Jamaica, Las Vegas and Vancouver. While short-haul flights will also see a rise with Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Venice expected to see a increase in flyers visiting these locations.

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Gatwick Airport unveils new route to Moscow

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Page last updated: 4th Oct 2016 - 11:27 AM

Russia’s capital city of Moscow is about to become much more accessible! A new route has been announced by Gatwick Airport to connect them to Moscow directly. Aeroflot, who are Russia’s national airline will begin the daily route between the two destinations on the 15th November, leaving Gatwick and arriving at Sheremetyevo International Airport, 18 miles northwest of Moscow.

Gatwick Airport's chief commercial officer Guy Stephenson said: "Moscow is a fantastic new addition to Gatwick's route network, joining an impressive line-up of new destinations from Gatwick, including China, Peru, Canada, Costa Rica, Nigeria, South Africa and the United States.

"We're delighted to be providing this new daily connection to Russia for both our business and leisure passengers – starting in just over six weeks."

As it stands, Aeroflot currently supports 131 destinations in 50 countries with its flights. The airline was recently named by Business Traveller as one of ‘Europe’s best airlines’ while also being voted the second cheapest airline in the world according to Rome2Rio’s 2016 Global Flight Price Ranking.

The new route has been created after easyJet formally axed its Gatwick to Moscow route, from March next year, due to a lack of demand driven by weakness in the Russian economy.

“The decision has been taken in response to the significant and sustained reduction in demand for travel,” Easyjet said in a statement.

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Gatwick celebrates yet more success!

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Page last updated: 6th Apr 2016 - 12:48 PM

With Gatwick Airport heading into their 36th consecutive month of continuous growth, it’s no wonder that their success has yet again made the headlines. You may remember back in 2009 when the airport went private. Since then, not only have they achieved record-breaking growth and connectivity, it’s now also the World’s busiest single runway airport. It would seem like congratulations are in order!

This year, Gatwick is planning to add 20 brand new long-haul routes to four new continents, even though the airport currently flies to more destinations than any other airport in the UK. It looks as if Gatwick is hoping for more and more success as the years go on. With a new renovation planned for their rail service, they are even looking to improve the way their passengers travel.

The expansion is of course on a lot of people’s minds and in the latest poll, Gatwick has been pushed 12 points ahead of Heathrow. With many unhappy with the thought of this, it could cause a rift between Gatwick and it’s passengers, but the airport assures everyone it is what’s best. We look forward to seeing Gatwick’s continuing progress.

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Gatwick bid to become a low carbon aiport

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Page last updated: 25th Feb 2016 - 03:15 PM

As the discussions around Gatwick constructing a second runway continue, they have appointed Simon Sturgis, an expert in carbon emissions analysis, to support their efforts to become the UK's leading low carbon airport by 2025.

It will be Simon's job to prepare a plan for how the proposed bid will go ahead, and showcase how the planned runway expansion will be environmentally friendly, sustainable and most importantly, produce lower carbon emissions. Speaking of his impending introduction to the Gatwick team later in February, he said he is "very excited at the scale and commitment of Gatwick's carbon reduction ambitions. Their plans are significant, imaginative and ground breaking and the leadership they are showing has the potential to be game changing for carbon reduction across the UK."

Gatwick are already showing promise by working on reducing carbon impact by 50% and aiming to have an all electric fleet of aircraft.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of London Gatwick Airport says "Carbon used in construction is often a hidden cost to the environment, but we know it is a significant contributor to an airport's environmental footprint. I'm delighted that Simon has come on board and will help us reduce our carbon impact across the full range of activities so we can become the most sustainable airport around. "

Watch this space!

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Transport for London (TFL) have started 2016 with a new scheme that allows customers travelling into the city from Gatwick airport to use their Oyster cards and Contactless cards.

Before now, passengers have had to use different forms of payments which involved having to stand in queues waiting to pay for a ticket. This has left many customers feeling frustrated as they have arrived home from holidays only to have to wait at busy stations before being able to return home. This new scheme will hopefully decrease these long waits to almost nothing, with customers being able to touch their Oyster cards or Contactless bank cards on the newly installed machines.

Not only will the process be quicker but also cheaper! Whilst some journeys have been reported to only be 10p cheaper, a journey from London Victoria to Gatwick will now cost £8 off-peak and £14 at peak times. This journey used to cost £15.40 when buying a paper ticket. This means you could be saving £7.40, depending on which time you travel, just for having your Oyster card or contactless card with you! 5 other stations which feature along the route has also been upgraded to suit this new scheme.

In a quote from The Department of Transport, it was stated that this scheme would mean “vastly more convenient journeys for passengers and will help reduce overcrowding at stations”. It would seem that this new plan can only improve things for passengers using this service.

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If you’re heading off on your holidays during the festive season and are travelling from Gatwick Airport, make sure you keep an eye out for delays and even cancellations to your usual railway schedule.

The works will start at 10pm on Christmas Eve and will most likely continue until 4am on the 4th January. According to the Southern Railway website, the project is going to replace a “major railway junction” and is set to cause diversions and delays. The company have urged customers to plan their journeys well in advance and check their website regularly.

So, who does it affect? At the moment, it has been decided that there will be no trains between South Croydon and Redhill, and the Gatwick Express (which is a service that takes passengers from central London to Gatwick) will be suspended completely. Please check the Southern Railway website for more information on how to get around these diversions and cancellations.

If all of that has got your head in a bit of a spin, you might want to consider another, less stressful form of transport to the airport. If you think that sounds too expensive, take a look at airport-parking-shop.co.uk. They compare the prices of car parks at all of the UK’s major airports so that you don’t have to and we have a feeling you may be pleasantly surprised by the deals you come across!

Just to summarise, please keep an eye out for any delays you may experience on trains and do consider the alternative of driving if you want to make sure you won’t miss your flight!

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Gatwick finds itself in 32nd consecutive month of growth

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Page last updated: 20th Nov 2015 - 02:51 PM

Considered to be the second busiest Airport in the UK, Gatwick Airport has recently reported that is has exceeded their 40 million passengers a year target more than 10 years before it was set to. This certainly is an impressive outcome considering the airport only has a single runway.

Whilst the summer months (June, July and August) still remain the busiest for the airport, they have even seen a rise of 7.8% in October this year compared to October of 2014. The Airport is rapidly reaching its capacity. This has resulted in a spark of interest in Gatwick building a second runway, and with some passengers choosing to fly from Gatwick and nowhere but Gatwick, the airport is in desperate need for more space.

Not everyone is best pleased about this possible expansion however. A group of South-East MPs have told BBC News that a second runway at Gatwick would be "a catastrophe for surrounding communities", but with the Airport growing at a staggering rate, what more can be done to stop it?

On November 19th, the government were encouraged to back the second runway process. As Heathrow Airport and Gatwick are both appealing that they deserve a new runway, this is not an easy task. With the airports being less than 50 miles from each other, the decision as to which airport gets their expansion relies heavily on their half-year results. As we know, Gatwick is doing better than expected but how are their London rivals doing? Heathrow Airport has been able to supply 250,000 jobs to the local area and local people, making it the biggest supplier of employment in the area. Of course, a new runway would increase this and they are certainly in need of the space as they deal with 201,000 arrivals and departures per day, according to the official Heathrow website.

If the runway at Gatwick goes ahead, it could take until 2025 for it to be built and finished, so the decision needs to be a quick one. Whilst the favour currently sits with Heathrow, Gatwick isn’t giving up easily and with their impressive half-year results it’s looking more and more promising that they could get what they want, and more importantly, need.

So, what are the experts saying when it comes to this long-winded debate? “It strikes me that with a price tag of £7bn, and involving far less home demolition and noise pollution, an extra Gatwick runway is a far more logical option.” - Liam Halligan – The Telegraph. It seems that with this incredible and slightly shocking increase in passengers and it becoming the cheaper option overall, will the government end up swaying towards the Horley airport? Well, we will just have to wait and see!

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Need to Know Tips if you're flying for the first time!

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Page last updated: 10th Nov 2015 - 03:58 PM

Flying for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you are travelling alone, but don't let that put you off! We have teamed up with Airport Parking Shop to bring you a handy need to know guide to on what to expect from the airport!

Our number one tip from their list has got to be to know your hold luggage weight restriction and to weigh your hold luggage prior to getting to the airport! You don't want to be faced with an on the spot charge if your bag is too heavy!

For more tips like this, including what to do before you leave your house, right through to arriving at your destination, head over to read the Tips for First Time Flyers blog post!

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Smoke billows from British Airways plane as it sets off for Gatwick

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Page last updated: 11th Sep 2015 - 12:36 PM

Passengers on a flight from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport to London Gatwick were left shocked when they had to evacuate the aircraft after the engine caught fire on Tuesday afternoon (08/09/2015).

The plane was due to take off for the 10 hour journey before flames were noticed coming from the left hand side of the plane. Chris Henkey, the captain of the Boeing 777-200, had been told it was clear for takeoff at 4.13pm but by 4.14pm they had realised something was not right, causing him to make an urgent stop on the runway. Mr Henkey, who has 42 years of flying experience, has told NBC: “There was a loud bang and the aircraft sort of veered to the left.” He immediately called for all passengers and crew to be evacuated as quickly as possible.

Since the incident, the pilot and his crew have been praised and Mr Henkey has been deemed a “hero” for all of his efforts. All 157 passengers and 13 crew members got out fairly unharmed, via emergency chutes, with 20 people being treated for “minor injuries” and “smoke inhalation”. Wayne McGuinness, one of the passengers on board, has written on Facebook: “I never thought anything like this would happen to us, freaked isn’t the word.”

A few weeks back, Roger Beale, who is a close friend of Mr Henkey, had been discussing with the pilot how he’d never had any incidents in his 42 year career. It has emerged since the incident that this was due to be his penultimate flight before retirement. Mr Henkey has told the BBC: “I’m finished flying” which would incur that he will not be captaining his final flight, which was due to take off next week.

Although the pilot needed to be treated for smoke inhalation, he wanted to make sure that all of the passengers and crew were safe and even went and explained to them what had happened. Both Mr Henkey and his crew have been praised by officials for their “textbook” evacuation which occurred after the pilot had bought the plane to a stop in a staggering 9 seconds. The entire procedure took no more than 5 minutes which was down to the captain and crew’s extensive training and efficiency.
Lenka Nevolna, the partner of the pilot, has described to the BBC: “He's a great man with a warm heart, and generosity, and I'm very proud of him.”

It has emerged in the last few hours that the fire could have been caused by “engine casing breach” as pieces of spool parts, which the casing should have contained, have been found on the runway. Up until now, it has been said that the blaze was caused by a “catastrophic” failure in the engine on the left side of the aircraft, which could include a 4ft blade coming off inside the engine or a fuel line bursting. All of these are still possibilities and we won’t be sure until the NTSB have examined the cockpit recordings. Nevertheless, it is a “rare” occurrence, meaning passengers who are due to travel in the coming weeks don’t have to worry.

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