WiFi Access at Gatwick Airport

For the average traveller at Gatwick Airport Wi-Fi is free. If, however, you need to be online for a protracted period you can pay for this privilege.

What network should I look for?

The service provider at Gatwick is Boingo Hotspot and the free network is called Gatwick FREE Wi-Fi.
Vodafode users: Vodafone, as of Novermber 2017, have upgraded their 4G coverage to allow customers to reach speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Is it free and for how long?

Access is free for 90 minutes but after that, charges apply.

What are the charges?

Neither the airport’s own website nor the website for Boingo gives precise details of cost, merely stating that the applicable charges are based on location. Further information can be obtained by phoning Boingo on 0203 032 6793 1170.

You can pay for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 24 hours. Alternatively plans are available whereby users can pay a monthly fee which allows access not only at Gatwick but at other Boingo hotspots throughout the world. Different plans apply for Smartphones.

Gatwick also has internet kiosks and printing facilities. The internet costs 10p per minute and printing 50p per page.

How do I connect?

For the free access, open your browser and connect to Gatwick FREE Wi-Fi. Once the first 45 minutes have expired, follow the steps again to gain another 45 free minutes. After this, the charges will be applicable.