Easyjet loses High Court Battle to Gatwick over rising fees

EasyJet has failed in its court battle over the increasing of fees for airlines at Gatwick Airport. The budget airline had taken the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to the High Court over claims that the airport regulator’s recent agreement to raise the fees for using Gatwick was unlawful.

But the High Court has now thrown out the case, to the obvious pleasure of the CAA but to the dismay of EasyJet. Harry Bush from CAA said that he is “pleased with the outcome of the judicial review”, although EasyJet has been given the right to appeal.

EasyJet is frustrated that the High Court did not order a review of the fee hikes. The problem was all caused over the decision that the maximum fee per passenger using the airport was to be increased to £6.79. EasyJet has said that this will cost it an extra £46 million over the next five years, and it has also said that the charges are likely to be paid by passengers in the form of higher fares.

The CAA has claimed that the rises were necessary in order to make important improvements to Gatwick, but EasyJet has already announced that it will appeal the ruling. In a difficult time for the aviation industry, it said that “passengers must be protected with strong airport regulation.” And although it is great that the company is so concerned for the wellbeing of its customers, it is certain to be worried more about the hit that its profits will take if it becomes less competitive in an already competitive market.

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