Gatwick Airport opens new special assistance lounge

Gatwick Airport has announced the opening of its new £2 million airport lounge with a difference. Situated in the North Terminal, the newest addition is designed for passengers with special assistance needs and also happens to be one of the biggest of its kind within Europe, with seating for up to 90 people.

The area has been designed to have the feel of a premium lounge, featuring bespoke soft furnishings, creating a quiet, calm environment for passengers to relax in before their flight. Passengers can also expect; easy access, dedicated reception area with hearing induction loops, water fountain and toilet facilities, as well as numerous charging points for passenger transport vehicles and personal electronic devices. LED lights have also been implemented across various areas of the lounge & can be operated for different levels based off passengers preferences or needs.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Terminal Operations, Andy Pule, said:
“We are delighted to open this new area for passengers who require special assistance and have taken great care to ensure the facility offers a premium style feel while also meeting the needs of our passengers.
“Gatwick is committed to providing passengers who have a disability or reduced mobility of any kind with the support and services required to ensure their time at the airport is as comfortable as possible and this remains a key area of focus for the airport.”

Around 19% of the UK population suffer from a disability, while 11% have a hidden disability. Research shows that 7% of the UK population is thought to avoid air travel because of a disability, so the implementation of this lounge is a great step in the right direction.

Mark Hicks Director, Airport Operations for Wilson James Ltd, Gatwick Airport’s Passenger Services provider, said:
“The new special assistance area in the North Terminal is a demonstration of the commitment across the Gatwick community to providing a positive service experience for passengers requiring assistance while traveling.
“The newly opened space will provide passengers with a calmer, comfortable seating environment whilst in our care during their journey through Gatwick.”

Gatwick Airport special assistance

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  4. What are the key features and distinguishing factors of Gatwick Airport’s recently opened £2 million airport lounge in the North Terminal? How does this new addition cater specifically to passengers with special assistance needs, and how does it stand out as one of the largest lounges of its kind in Europe, accommodating up to 90 people?

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