Gatwick Airport parking prices 2014 vs. 2013: a 3% decrease

The airport parking comparison website has recently published the Airport Parking Price Comparison report outlining price differences for the cheapest options available at UK’s leading 27 airports. They checked 2 weeks’ parking prices for August last year and ran the same checks for the same period this year.

Stats chart analysing changes in Gatwick Airport Parking charges

It found that at nearly 19% of airports parking prices remained unchanged and over 25% have cheaper options available in 2014.

The cheapest 2 weeks’ parking at Gatwick (taking into account both on-airport and off-airport parking options) was available for £67 in Aug 2013, and went down to £65 this year.

The biggest year on year increase of 31% was observed at Glasgow Airport (from £45 to £59); the most expensive airport to park at remained the same – London City Airport.

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