Gatwick bid to become a low carbon airport

Hold on to your hat, Gatwick says it’s ready to become a new low carbon airport.

As the discussions around Gatwick constructing a second runway continue, they have appointed Simon Sturgis, an expert in carbon emissions analysis, to support their efforts to become the UK’s leading low carbon airport by 2025.

It will be Simon’s job to prepare a plan for how the proposed bid will go ahead, and showcase how the planned runway expansion will be environmentally friendly, sustainable and most importantly, produce lower carbon emissions.

This will include improving the on-the ground services such as electric cars and green spaces around the site.

Speaking of his impending introduction to the Gatwick team later in February, he said he is "very excited at the scale and commitment of Gatwick’s carbon reduction ambitions.

Their plans are significant, imaginative and ground breaking and the leadership they are showing has the potential to be game changing for carbon reduction across the UK."

Gatwick are already showing promise to becoming a low carbon airport by working on reducing carbon impact by 50% and aiming to have an all electric fleet of aircraft.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of London Gatwick Airport says "Carbon used in construction is often a hidden cost to the environment, but we know it is a significant contributor to an airport’s environmental footprint. I’m delighted that Simon has come on board and will help us reduce our carbon impact across the full range of activities so we can become the most sustainable airport around. "

Watch this space!

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