Heartwarming marriage proposal at Gatwick Airport

In a romantic set of events at Gatwick Airport, one lucky woman was surprised by her girlfriend with a marriage proposal in arrivals! Nicholle Warren, 25 years old, was travelling back from a 3 week trip from her native country of Australia, completely unaware that there were hundreds of strangers awaiting her arrival. Her partner, Bethanie Heard, (24) from Bedfordshire, was part of the crowd who greeted Nicholle at Gatwick and popped the all important question amongst family and friends.

Bethanie’s sister managed to capture the events, which depicts total strangers cheering and celebrating the event as Bethanie went down to one knee.

Charlotte said: ‘It was so beautiful to watch and take part in, we were holding the signs up for 20 minutes and all you could see is people walking out and going all soppy and saying how lovely that was.
‘Hundreds of members of the public were recording, taking photos, asking us questions, cheering for ‘Nicholle to hurry up’. There was one big group that asked how long would it be because there taxi was waiting but they wanted to stay.
‘I love how society has finally accepted that love is love, there wasn’t one bad look or comment which I was amazed about.
‘ All the public were amazing and when she finally came out the doors and then said yes everyone around us was clapping, crying, cheering!’

This isn’t the first time Gatwick Airport has been positively involved with the LGBT community in recent times. Towards the end of 2017 Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second largest Airport, partnered with Brighton Pride Festival 2017 to be the first ever sponsor of the event’s biggest attraction, the Brighton Pride Community Parade.

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport said: “As a partner of Brighton Pride, Gatwick is proud to be leading this year’s parade with our branded bus, as the first ever Community Parade Sponsor.”

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Gatwick Airport marriage proposal

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