No. 1 Traveller open their 1st Super Lounge at Gatwick

On the 17th May 2011 No. 1 Traveller opened their brand new super lounge in the North terminal at Gatwick Airport.

The lounge offers passengers a Travel Spa, Airport Lounge and Business Centre.

The lounge should revolutionise the airport experience by making passengers’ time waiting for flights enjoyable.

The lounge costs £20 to enter and includes a bistro style food menu, fully tended bar, mini cinema room, games room and free Wi-Fi.

What makes this super lounge different is the Spa where customers can take advantage of luxurious showers, have a massage, enjoy a manicure, have a hair cut and even experience a garra rufa fish foot massage.

Business travellers should consider using the Business Centre where passengers can take advantage of individual computer systems, email, printing and fax facilities as well as private meeting rooms which can be rented out for as little as £12.50.

The new lounge modernises Gatwick Airport and the airport’s Chief Commercial Officer, Robin Longden is overjoyed by the introduction of the new lounge. Robin Longden made the following statement: 

“At Gatwick, we want our passengers to feel as if their holiday starts right here at the airport and not at the point at which they reach their chosen holiday destination.

“Our £1 billion investment programme is geared towards making the passenger experience more pleasant and enjoyable – providing better, speedier check-in products, shorter queues at security and delivering more modern, spacious departure lounge areas.

“The new No.1 Traveller lounge in Gatwick’s North Terminal will complement the improvements being delivered across the entire airport.”

No. 1 Traveller are so confident about their new type of super lounge they are already planning to open a grander lounge at Heathrow Airport in August 2011.

The new lounge sets a new standard for airport lounge and it will not be long until the other airport lounges are following No. 1 Traveller’s example.

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