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Here are our top 15 posts on Instagram in or around Gatwick Airport… there was loads to choose from but we hope you agree with our choices.

From celeb-spotting to cheeky kids, we’ve got it all!

#15: Never a bad time for Bake Off…

In the words of Mary Berry, “he loves his buns”.
Here’s @garretkeogh catching up with Noel and Sandi on Channel Four in true British style at Gatwick Airport.

Airport Viewing #gbbo

A post shared by Garret Keogh (@garretkeogh) on

#14: Fish(ing) and Chips… literally

There’s fishing for your dinner, and having fish for dinner…
Here’s @staples2323 and the family doing a bit of both!
Check out the Bars and Restaurants at Gatwick Airport with our Foodie Guide.

Holiday time with the family

A post shared by James Richard Staples (@staples2323) on

#13: Pugs on a plane!

Who better to have as your travel companions than Double and Trouble?
But don’t worry, they’re not stow-aways, Norweigan Air let’s you take small pets into the cabin from £55! @elenabowes is making use of the pug-transport options and it is beyond cute!
We hope they enjoyed their flight! (Bork!)

#12: Boarding passes at the ready

We love this slightly sepia-filtered checklist of everything you need in your hand luggage.
Euros, check.
Passport, check.
Instagram-ready, check.

#11: Take your kids to work… halloween style.

When Bugs Bunny is a member of your easyjet crew and Batman has an element of Elton John… you know it’s going to be a good day at Gatwick Airport!
Big thanks to @clintskeeey for this one. Spooky.

Great Day bringing the kids to work.

A post shared by Clint Furnish (@clintskeeey) on

#10: “Unexpected item in the baggage area”: spotted on Instagram

Someone looks excited about their holiday! We love this cheeky monkey trying to squeeze into hand luggage.
She’s just adorable!
Here’s the on site facilities for keeping cheeky monkeys (and kids) entertained before flying.

Think the hand luggage might be over the limit 🤔

A post shared by Georgia Francis (@gfrancis93) on

#9: Not for the faint-hearted

This video introduces Gatwick’s new line of rollarcoasters – just joking! It’s the inter-train connection between Gatwick Terminals in a very fancy time lapse. Thanks @beckysebo.
(click to play)

#8: Keep an eye out for tooth-fairies flying at Gatwick Airport

Congratulations to @peaceluva and co. for a mega first at Gatwick!
Let’s hope the tooth-fairy makes a safe landing and shares some magic fairy dust with us all.
Very happy flying.

First tooth out at the airport!

A post shared by Susan Sinnett (@peaceluva) on

#7: Brushing up with the stars

Here’s the very lucky, @leonardojervis checking in Made in Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock and model Emma Connolly for their flight. The famous couple are big in the fashion world – what a day to have a work.
Jealous doesn’t even cover it.

#6: What a place to lose a USB

Other than being an incredible shot, very urbane-chic, it’s hard not to love the comments on this one.
@hobber1973 – “Why you at the airport??”
@funkyphotos – “Looking for a USB stick”
We’ve all been there, right?

Gatwick Airport.

A post shared by Dave Elliott (@funkyphotos) on

#5: Good Night Gatwick

After a long-old shift working in the sky, @will_m535 caught the sunset behind the plane.

Sunset 🌅 on another long night shift

A post shared by William Wyles (@branden_2215__garret) on

#4: Two little Insta-Queens sitting in a row

How can you not love this magazine style shot of two little travellers?
Millenial coloured suitcases, high saturation, matching jim-jams – it’s on point! 10/10, thanks @mummydaddyme.

Home. ❤️ I took this photo earlier at Gatwick airport. All three of them were wearing their matching Peter Pan pjs as it was a night flight (and we didn't bother getting them changed early this morning) and they got so many compliments over them. We've had the most incredible time in Orlando, it's been the most amazing 10 days of family time and magic moments, as well as memories we will keep forever. I genuinely think it is my favourite place in the entire world and it's the only place that I actually get upset leaving. You know normally there is a part of you actually quite looking forward to getting home and back to reality- I don't get that with Orlando. That said as soon as the key turned in our look I was so excited to be back in our home, just with some amazing memories of the best holiday we could have asked for. I had been a little nervous about the flight back as the flight here had been 'interesting' shall we say. (18 months is definitely the trickiest age to travel with I reckon) But actually all three of them were as good as gold. The girls always are, they are great little travellers, they watched Moana on the iPad (I don't know if you saw my post a while go but we were working with @disneyuk to talk about the fact you can download and buy their films to keep forever, they are great to download for when you are travelling with little ones) then slept for a good five hours, as did our little boy. He was on me so I didn't get much sleep but I am still so proud of him for being such a good boy. Now it's home to massive X factor catch ups and of course Jon is cooking fajitas. 😍#disney #ad #lovedisney #disneyforever

A post shared by Katie (@mummydaddyme) on

#3: Eastenders has nothing on this

This Instagram posts shows London at night in a mass of black and golden dots and it’s just magical. You can even see Tower bridge lit up across the river!

#england #londyn #view #sky #plain #night #lights

A post shared by Mateusz Sajdowski (@sajdowskim) on

#2: Do we need to say more?

Yes, Gatwick has won Loo of the Year. And yes, there is a shrine to honour its great accolade.
Aka, a golden toilet, as discovered by @tom_farmery. #toilethumour indeed!

#1: Passport Snapsies!

If you look closely, you can see these passports are all from different places… Canada, Norway, UK, Italy, Poland, American…
All getting together for Model United Nations in Switzerland! How often do you get to see such a colourful array of national passports? Thanks @damianharateh, great share!

Kent Model United Nations off to St. Gallen MUN in Switzerland!

A post shared by Je me souviens. (@damianharateh) on

Get to know Gatwick Airport’s flight departures and arrivals, explore our Guide for live up to date info.

If you’ve taken a better shot than our Top 15, then get in touch with the comments below! #gameon

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